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Owner Randy Jaques

About Us

Interior Designer Randy Jaques is the creative energy behind Coastal Home Pillows. After more than 25 years of designing homes and custom pillows for clients, Coastal Home Pillows was created to deliver the same quality designer pillow to everyone.  

He and his team of 5 he likes to consider family, have compiled 19 color themed collections of designer fabrics that evoke a sense of casual comfort, and style. " I wanted to give options to's not always necessary to go with the cliche shell pillow to achieve a coastal look, in most cases it's about color and or texture."  His attention to detail is unmistakable, whether itʼs the pattern matching, invisible zippers, or his keen eye for color, mixing such patterns and textures to create a coastal vibe... "for anywhere you may live."

Randyʼs inspiration....“Clean, classic, sophisticated, or just plain fun....thereʼs something for everyone!” So enjoy our collections, be creative yourselves...mix and match, and we hope we have given you some inspiration!