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coastal home pillow interiors

I know… I know.. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to blogging! I’m a very active, creative guy, and maintaining a blog for me…. well its like going to the dentist!  Most times you dread going, but just about always feel really good that you did coming out!

We’ve talked about our details in the past with Fabric Selections, Insert Quality, Cording Options & Invisible Zippers….so today I thought why not simply show you what’s on the inside of your Coastal Home Pillow! Above is a snap shot of an interior corner of one of our custom pillows. If you look closely you will see that the insides of our pillows are manufactured with superb quality. We do all our own work in our very own workroom by hand, which has allowed us to maintain our quality over the years. So like a trip the dentist…know that not only are you buying a beautiful pillow on the outside, but a quality made pillow on the inside that will make you feel really good that you did!

Many many THANKS to all our customers, designers, and stores everywhere for your continued business…we wish all a Healthy and Happy Summer!





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Welcome everyone to our NEW web-store!! It’s been 4 1/2 years since we first opened here on the web, and it was time to make a few upgrades to our (now-approaching) 500 Pillows in our 18 Collections of Coastal Themed Designer Pillows!

I wanted to take a few minutes to point out and explain some of the changes we now have moving forward.  I hope these changes will make your browsing/shopping experience for your throw pillows easier and enjoyable!

We now have a SEARCH BOX! Our initial beach themed pillow store with its 9 Collections of 100 pillows was fairly easy to navigate, but as we grew we realized it was becoming more time consuming trying to locate a particular pillow.  A change was needed to make things easier that would help our customers who already know what they’re looking for.  Now you can use search terms like “Blue Coral” or “Linen Stripe” and a variety of pillows from multiple Collections will come up.  Try it out by entering your search criteria, and please let us know if you encounter any problems!

SHIPPING POLICY…. It’s unfortunate, but shipping is a necessary foe! Shipping rates continue to rise, we have already been informed by our preferred carrier that there will be a rate increase beginning January 2018. We have not only a shipping cost to you, but several incoming shipping expenses with our fabrics, inserts & boxes.   We have had to make a change in our shipping policy that will not effect most of our customers.  There will be a shipping fee for all sales under $100.00.  This will only affect sales from our SALE PAGE of discontinued pillows since they all meet that price point.  However, if you purchase more than one pillow from the pillow sale page, the Shipping would be FREE… (note to self)!  Our Free Shipping policy otherwise remains the same for all retail sales throughout the continental U.S.

SWATCHES….. This really was a tough one for me!! I wanted to offer “free” swatches to our customers. We know that swatches can be a great asset in determining not only color, but scale and texture, and let’s face it, pillows can be an investment! The problem we quickly encountered were “The Quilters”!  In the beginning we had unlimited free swatches, WOW…let me tell you, I learned from that mistake!  We would actually get swatch requests frequently, for 25-30 swatches, and yes…1 customer!!  Next we changed our swatch limit to 5.  This worked so so…we still got people asking for 5 swatches of the same pattern, or they began requesting several 5 swatch requests using different names.  It was frustrating because we wanted to offer a service, a courtesy to our customers and it was taken advantage of by “The Quilters” (does anybody know if there’s a monster with fangs emoji I could use here?)!  We know have to charge our customers $1.00 for swatches.   We’re hoping this will solve “The Quilters” issue, and if not well at least they’ll have to pay for those pretty little patches of Designer Fabrics!  Kidding aside…being a Designer and working with textiles for over 30 years I do have an appreciation for “The Quilters”  there’s some very talented and creative quilters out there doing beautiful work, and I applaud them.

ACCOUNT HOLDERS….. All account holders will be required to re-register with us.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Previously approved Wholesale & Trade Accounts will not have to send in their certificates unless they’re about to expire.  To expedite your account settings please let us know at [email protected] that you have re-registered with us and we will change your account preferences to the appropriate setting.

Thank you for visiting us today!  Its been a long journey for my team as well as our creative developers, and we all hope you love the clean, brighter look of  The NEW CHP!

Enjoy,  Happy Holidays!!