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Many of our customers contact us to let us know how happy they are with their new pillow purchases. We get feedback letting us know that they notice not only the details, but also the quality, presentation and even the packaging! Coastal Home Pillows strives to give you the very best decorative beach pillows, and the details are what makes the difference!

All of our throw and toss pillows are hand-made to order in our very own workroom and all new Collections are designed by me! This allows us to maintain the quality that I insist on for all our designs. Determining the colors, patterns, and sizes are all a part of the selection process to create a cohesive Collection – helping you to shop more easily for your designer pillow.

But let’s take a moment to mention the DETAILS that are in our pillows….

CUTS – Determining the pattern placement is crucial for me. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want a beach themed pillow with a beautiful image cut in half! CHP will always center patterns if the fabric has a central focal point in its design – unless noted in our discriptors. Some patterns will have a centered-front with a “random cut back” simply to help alleviate waste. All of our panel cuts have a serged-edged finish to prevent any fraying. This four-thread overlocking edge detail gives you a finished product even on the inside!

CORDS – Most of our pillows have a cord detail (something I find visually appealing) and have been carefully selected to compliment that pillow. Some think I’m a little crazy for putting so much effort into the cords but here’s why I do it: in our NEW Jupiter Island Collection for example, there are all new designs and the sky’s the limit for cords! For example, take the new Royal Palm Pillow in this Collection. Should it have a blue cord? How about a white cord? A self cord? Hmmm…what about a contrast poppy cord? This decision actually takes the longest for any new Collection process. Most manufacturers do a self cord or no cord. These are the easiest and most cost effective way to manufacture pillows. We, on the other hand, want to give you that added DETAIL – that designer touch. Our inventory has a ridiculous amount of solids just for cords, three types of fabrics in linen, cotton and acrylic – in just about every shade! Sometimes determing that “right shade” of blue cord can take a couple days, resulting in a lot headaches for my team! But it’s all worth it in the end!

ZIPPERS – We use invisible zippers on all our pillows. These zips are made of nylon and their coils (“teeth”) are inverted on the inside. There is no visible zipper – only a seam with of course, a pull (see above image). This type of closure allows you complete versatility with your pillow placement. Changing patterns displayed side to side (horizontally) to up and down (vertically) can be most effective with a large variety of geometrics and stripes, giving you a totally different look. Though we need to have tags on our pillows, ours are sewn into the interior so they aren’t troublesome on the exterior – resulting in no interference with your display. Zip closures also allow you to remove your covers if you need to have them professionally cleaned. Occasional vaccuming will also help maintain your pillow by keeping the fibers raised and dust free.

DESIGNS – We have several custom pillow designs within our Collections – all original, and designed by me. I have always loved working with patterns and textures, manipulating them into new designs. I enjoy the creative process of designing, and actually I make the first pillow of each new Collection. A few years back we were asked by Karen Robertson to create a pillow line using her fabrics, and the result was our Royalty Collection!

Our mitered cats eyes, cross panel cuts, stripes, panels & applique’ can be found together by visiting our Shop By Style page and clicking on Original Designs.

We’ve previously talked about our fabrics & how they are selected as well as our inserts & their contents in previous blogs – and now you have THE DETAILS!!

All of these components are why Coastal Home Pillows is a top source for premium made to order designer beach pillows! Remember – if your not finding exactly what your looking for, please call us at 1-855-585-8959 – we’re here to help!

Thank you for visiting us and be sure to follow us on Instagram for all of our newest additions!

Happy Summer everyone!!