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I must apologize that we have not been so “active” with our blogging!   I was having my coffee this morning and going thru the site to see where things needed to be updated, removed, etc. and realized we haven’t had a more recent blog post.  I can’t believe we are already into August….Summer is flying by us!

So here’s our update that’s sooo long over due!  We have introduced several new patterns throughout the 1st half of 2018 with plans for many more in the coming weeks.  Blue & Whites continue to be our top sellers, but I do love all the colors, and have added several new additions to our Laguna Beach, South Beach, & Palm Beach Collections.  Top designer fabrics are in the mix  (Ralph Lauren, Thibaut, Schumacher to name just a few), in a variety of patterns that evoke a “Casual Coastal Vibe”  for any style setting!  Looking for a Classic Navy Blue & White then you’ll want to visit our Newport Collection or perhaps a more youthful Boho/Surfer look… check out the laid back casualness of the Malibu Collection.  Each Collection has a “theme” of sorts as well as a color cohesiveness that we designed for that particular location.

Speaking of location….we have had to make a change in one of our Collections because of a copyright.  We no longer have the Dorado Beach Collection and have relocated it to Manhattan Beach.  This Collection has several new introductions to “tweak” the move, and all will be available this Fall.  Pillow names of course have been changed as well, now identifying the Manhattan Beach community.  Please let us know if your having any difficulties locating a specific pillow, and we’ll be sure to locate it for you.

The Royalty Collection was retired this year and has been replaced with The Yachting Collection.  This outdoor Collection is a combination of nautically themed outdoor pillows from a variety of our existing Collections.  Inserts will be faux down, consisting of a shredded poly that is extremely comfy!   Indoor versions with our premium feather/down inserts are still available on their perspective Collection pages which are identified within the pillow description.  You can also use our NEW search box to locate that Collection.

I hope you enjoy visiting our Collections of Coastal themed designer pillows, and as always please let us know if you have any questions or need some consultation….we’re here to help!

Happy Summer!