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coastal home pillow interiors

I know… I know.. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to blogging! I’m a very active, creative guy, and maintaining a blog for me…. well its like going to the dentist!  Most times you dread going, but just about always feel really good that you did coming out!

We’ve talked about our details in the past with Fabric Selections, Insert Quality, Cording Options & Invisible Zippers….so today I thought why not simply show you what’s on the inside of your Coastal Home Pillow! Above is a snap shot of an interior corner of one of our custom pillows. If you look closely you will see that the insides of our pillows are manufactured with superb quality. We do all our own work in our very own workroom by hand, which has allowed us to maintain our quality over the years. So like a trip the dentist…know that not only are you buying a beautiful pillow on the outside, but a quality made pillow on the inside that will make you feel really good that you did!

Many many THANKS to all our customers, designers, and stores everywhere for your continued business…we wish all a Healthy and Happy Summer!