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All of our inserts are custom made for us to our own specifications here in the USA.  Determining this was a very lengthy process.  Deciding what the content was first, and then what the ounce capicity should be for each size.  Offering a variety of sizes appropriate to each pattern from 5 lumbars to 4 traditional squares to suit your comfort needs.  We decided on the 90/10  feather/down with our own ounce formula.  This means the contents of our pillow inserts are 90% duck feather, and 10% goose down.  All of our feather/down inserts are manufactured 1″ larger in size to help fill out the covers.  Our covers are cut to size reducing the actual finshed size about 1/2″.  This ensures a soft, luxurious full body fit….smooth and quiet to the touch with plenty of comfort.  Our custom inserts are steps above the 95/5 inserts that most pillow companies are offering, and any company listing their pillows as “down filled” are not being exactly honest with you.  Though 100% down fill is available, the cost is extremely high (up to $100.00 -$200.00 per insert) which would have to be reflected in the price of the finished product.

We also offer a premium Faux Down Insert for those who are in need for an alternative insert.  This insert is also suitable for outdoor applications as well, and are also custom made here in the USA.   They consist of a shredded polyester that is extremely soft and luxurious…so much so that no one would ever think it could be used as an outdoor insert!  This insert will even respond to a “chop” if you like, and has NO bounce!  All our faux down inserts are manufactured 3″ larger to ensure a full body fit.

We hope we’ve explained some of the elements that define our pillows….be sure to check back with us for our next post where we will talk about  OUR DETAILS, and how there made!

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