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With Labor Day weekend upon us, our Summer has just about come to a close for us here in the Mid-Atlantic.  For many of you South & West of us however, Summer temps continue with glorious sun filled days as your “Season” approaches.

Coastal Home Pillows offers a wide variety of pattern & color for your decor needs.  Wether your Inland or Coastal, North, South or West, our diversified collections offer you all the chic, casual comforts “for anywhere you may live”.

Our all NEW revised South Beach Collection has just been photographed and will be available Mid-September.  These invigorating, youthful patterns can live’n up anyones cold Winter!  Bright & bold, high octane colors in Rasberri / Margarita / Appletini / Curacao we hope will “sweeten” your tooth while adding plenty of comfort to your home.

Since our Orange Pillows have been so popular, we’ve combined all of them as well as adding several NEW patterns into our Naples Collection.  18 Pillows in Mango / Tangerine / Lemongrass offer a fruity citrus blend in a variety of patterns including several outdoor pillows!

So please take a look at our “sparkling sweet flavors” for a refreshing, colorful Happy Hour… guaranteed to be a low cal treat!