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pillow specs


      Many of our customers contact us to let us know how happy they are with their new pillow purchases. We get feedback letting us know that they notice not only the details, but also the quality, presentation and even the packaging! Coastal Home Pillows strives to give you the very best decorative beach pillows, and the details are what makes the difference!  

     All of our throw and toss pillows are hand-made to order in our very own workroom and all new Collections are designed by me! This allows us to maintain the quality that I insist on for all our designs. Determining the colors, patterns, and sizes are all a part of the selection process to create a cohesive Collection - helping you to shop more easily for your designer pillow.

    But let's take a moment to mention the DETAILS that are in our pillows....

CUTS - Determining the pattern placement is crucial for me. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would want a beach themed pillow with a beautiful image cut in half! CHP will always center patterns if the fabric has a central focal point in its design - unless noted in our discriptors. Some patterns will have a centered-front with a "random cut back" simply to help alleviate waste. All of our panel cuts have a serged-edged finish to prevent any fraying. This four-thread overlocking edge detail gives you a finished product even on the inside!

CORDS - Most of our pillows have a cord detail (something I find visually appealing) and have been carefully selected to compliment that pillow. Some think I'm a little crazy for putting so much effort into the cords but here's why I do it: in our NEW Jupiter Island Collection for example, there are all new designs and the sky's the limit for cords! For example, take the new Royal Palm Pillow in this Collection. Should it have a blue cord? How about a white cord? A self cord? Hmmm...what about a contrast poppy cord? This decision actually takes the longest for any new Collection process. Most manufacturers do a self cord or no cord. These are the easiest and most cost effective way to manufacture pillows. We, on the other hand, want to give you that added DETAIL - that designer touch. Our inventory has a ridiculous amount of solids just for cords, three types of fabrics in linen, cotton and acrylic - in just about every shade! Sometimes determing that "right shade" of blue cord can take a couple days, resulting in a lot headaches for my team! But it's all worth it in the end!

ZIPPERS - We use invisible zippers on all our pillows. These zips are made of nylon and their coils ("teeth") are inverted on the inside. There is no visible zipper - only a seam with of course, a pull (see above image). This type of closure allows you complete versatility with your pillow placement. Changing patterns displayed side to side (horizontally) to up and down (vertically) can be most effective with a large variety of geometrics and stripes, giving you a totally different look. Though we need to have tags on our pillows, ours are sewn into the interior so they aren't troublesome on the exterior - resulting in no interference with your display. Zip closures also allow you to remove your covers if you need to have them professionally cleaned. Occasional vaccuming will also help maintain your pillow by keeping the fibers raised and dust free.

DESIGNS - We have several custom pillow designs within our Collections - all original, and designed by me. I have always loved working with patterns and textures, manipulating them into new designs. I enjoy the creative process of designing, and actually I make the first pillow of each new Collection. A few years back we were asked by Karen Robertson to create a pillow line using her fabrics, and the result was our Royalty Collection!   

       Our mitered cats eyes, cross panel cuts, stripes, panels & applique' can be found together by visiting our Shop By Style page and clicking on Original Designs.  

      We've previously talked about our fabrics & how they are selected as well as our inserts & their contents in previous blogs - and now you have THE DETAILS!!  

All of these components are why Coastal Home Pillows is a top source for premium made to order designer beach pillows! Remember - if your not finding exactly what your looking for, please call us at 1-855-585-8959 - we're here to help!

Thank you for visiting us and be sure to follow us on Instagram for all of our newest additions!

Happy Summer everyone!!




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             Coastal Home Pillows strives to give you the very best in pillows that will last you for many Seasons.  Accenting with pillows can be expensive despite the many theories that swapping out pillows is an inexpensive makeover.  Some of us make more of an investment with Seasonal pillows like hand bags, shoes, or even suits.  Its these types of accessories that make your home, expressing your own unique personality, reflecting your style and taste.  

           In most cases, prices can vary so much because of the cost of the fabric itself.  Pattern repeat, content, or designer/manufacturer also play a role in pricing.  We have carefully selected and intentionally brought you several high-end designer fabrics that are in most cases not available on the retail level anywhere.  Doing this will enable our customers to purchase designer throw pillows for your home - Directly.  These fabrics are all quite beautiful and will not only add comfort to your living spaces but create focal points as well.  So please enjoy browsing our Designer Throw Pillow Collections!


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Why Inserts Matter

2/21/17 3:31 PM



          All of our inserts are custom made for us to our own specifications here in the USA.  Determining this was a very lengthy process.  Deciding what the content was first, and then what the ounce capicity should be for each size.  Offering a variety of sizes appropriate to each pattern from 5 lumbars to 3 traditional squares to suit your comfort needs.  We decided on the 90/10 goose feather/down with our own ounce formula.  This means the contents of our pillow inserts are 90% goose feather, and 10% goose down.  All of our feather/down inserts are manufactured 1" larger in size to help fill out the covers.  Our covers are cut to size reducing the actual finshed size about 1/2".  This ensures a soft, luxurious full body fit....smooth and quiet to the touch with plenty of comfort.  Our custom inserts are steps above the 95/5 inserts that most retail companies are offering, and any company listing their pillows as "down filled" are not being exactly honest with you.  Though 100% down fill is available, the cost is extremely high (around $75.00 - $150.00 per insert) which would have to be reflected in the price of the finished product.

          We also offer a premium faux down insert for those who are in need for an alternative insert.  This insert is also suitable for outdoor applications as well, and are also custom made here in the USA.   They consist of a shredded polyester that is extremely soft and much so that no one would ever think it could be used as an outdoor insert!  This insert will even respond to a "chop" if you like.  All our faux down inserts are manufactured 2" larger to ensure a full body fit.

          We hope we've explained some of the elements that define our sure to check back with us for our next post where we will talk about  OUR DETAILS, and how there made!

Thanks for Visiting!!

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Sticky & Sweet

8/16/16 11:22 AM

new Biscayne pillowsHello Summer!  

Yes, we have had a hot one this year here in Rehoboth Beach...and the Summer seems to just fly doesn't it? I hope everyone has been able to take a little time and enjoy some of the things that only Summer can offer us. 

One of those things of, course, are fresh fruits and vegtables.  I must admit I am a lover of fresh fruits - from berries to melons I'm sure to get my fill everyday.  These tasty sweet treats inspired me for our latest new pillow intros coming next month to our Bicayne Collection. Colors Watermelon, Honeydew & Cantalope will be introduced in a variety of patterns from Ikats to Leopards - a trilogy of fruity melons that are sure to highlight your home with a casual tropical vibe!

Earlier this season we introduced several new pieces to our Cape Cod Collection. Traditional hydrangea & denim blues with a hint of global create designs that are both impactful & comfortable for today's modern families. Our first collection, Newport, continues to be our most popular, and is a top seller. The Newport Nauticals were introduced in Classic Navy & White. They have a nautical styling that represents the coastal lifestyle of historic Newport. Stripes, Flags, Banners... have all been very popular and truly can work in any decor from bedrooms to yachts!  Simple, casual sophistication can be expected as the Newport Nauticals continues to expand.

Please be sure to follow us on our social media channels for news, latest photography, intros, sales and inspiration, because many of our pillows are not just for coastal locations, but for "....anywhere you may live! " 


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Spring Freshener

3/20/16 9:34 AM


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Warm Up

12/28/15 11:37 AM


  Here we are about to usher in a New Year - 2016!  

  Wow, I think many of us don't really know what happened to 2015....It went soooo fast!

     As fast as the year has gone, we here at Coastal Home Pillows are doing are best to "Keep Up", giving you more patterns... more color...and more NEW & original designs.  Chic, Classic, Comfortable....Subtle, Tonal, Textural....Bold, Zesty, Invigorating....There all here!  With over 350 patterns now available, we hope to offer you all the welcoming comforts for both you and your home.   

    We begin early Winter with several NEW additions to our St. John Collection.  These warm coral tones on natural hues are sure to put a little sizzle in your Winter with a variety of patterns from SeaLife Corals to fine Embroidered Linens.

    Perhaps for our more warmer climate customers, our new Laguna Beach additions will hit the mark.  Currently in the workroom as well, you may want to treat yourself to the calm and refreshing Spa tones of Aqua & Pool... gauranteed to help make your home your own personal retreat!

    So please, take a few moments and "Keep Up" with us as we speed through Winter either here, Pinterest, Facebook, and now Instagram for all the latest news and production notes including peeks of our upcoming introductions for Lanai, Newport, Hamptons & Annapolis Collections all currently in the workroom and scheduled for a late Winter release.

    Coastal Home Pillows is a "family" run business and would like to Thank You all for a wonderful 2015!  As we move forward into 2016 we will continue to strive to give you the very best  "....for anywhere you may live".

Thanks for Following Us!!

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10/28/15 7:52 AM



 coastal_home_pillows is happy to #announce our #presence on #instagram!

   Please follow us at  where you can be the first to see all the latest in fabrics, new introductions, pillow combinations, even future sales!!

   Beautiful, Bold, Colorful photography of pillows and various combinations are great for pinning, and will now be in larger formats.  So please visit us today for some great looks and alot of inspiration!

Thanks for your support!!



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Happy Hour

9/6/15 8:14 AM



          With Labor Day weekend upon us, our Summer has just about come to a close for us here in the Mid-Atlantic.  For many of you South & West of us however, Summer temps continue with glorious sun filled days as your "Season" approaches.

          Coastal Home Pillows offers a wide variety of pattern & color for your decor needs.  Wether your Inland or Coastal, North, South or West, our diversified collections offer you all the chic, casual comforts "for anywhere you may live".

           Our all NEW revised South Beach Collection has just been photographed and will be available Mid-September.  These invigorating, youthful patterns can live'n up anyones cold Winter!  Bright & bold, high octane colors in Rasberri / Margarita / Appletini / Curacao we hope will "sweeten" your tooth while adding plenty of comforts to your home.

           Since our Orange Pillows have been so popular, we've combined all of them as well as adding several NEW patterns into our Naples Collection.  18 Pillows in Mango / Tangerine / Lemongrass offer a fruity citrus blend in a variety of patterns including several outdoor pillows!

          So please take a look at our "sparkling sweet flavors" for a refreshing, colorful Happy Hour... guaranteed to be a low cal treat!





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We've Got The Blue's

6/14/15 7:29 AM



         Our latest Collection, Rehoboth Beach, has several blue on blue patterns in Sapphire & Waterford.  Ivory was also included for balance and depth allowing for a variety of combinations.   Stripes, Abstracts, Geometrics....are all there with 2 new Original / Custom embroidery Sea Life Designs coming next month.   Visit this new Collection of 10 pillows to see our "Blue's" in pillows!

         Production notes:   Currently in our workroom are new additions to both Nantucket & Annapolis Collections.  Cool Chambrays and Novelty Nauticals can be expected mid July as our Summer gets into full swing.   We've also begun to revise our South Beach Collection.  This NEW look will launch in October, just in time for "Season".  It will include a more Modern / Transitional approach that is more youthful and energized for that all night life style of South Florida!

        So please follow us on any of our social media's (Facebook, Pinterest, and soon Instagram), for all the latest news and maybe a few peeks of our upcoming NEW "Sparkling Sweet Flavors" of South Beach!

   Happy Summer All...Be safe...Have fun....Enjoy!




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Fresh Air

3/19/15 2:08 PM



     Were all begining to think of projects both indoors & out as the temps go up and we open our windows for that fresh Spring air!

     Humm....What about a new paint color for the downstairs?  Or maybe new cushions for the outdoor furniture?  Either way, fresh ideas always come into play this time of year, and perhaps we can help you with yours.

    Coastal Home Pillows extensive Designer throw pillow Collections are full of fresh new fabrics & fresh new colors.  Since January we have launched over 50 new pillows, many of which you will not find on the retail market...anywhere!  Dorado's modish tones in Driftwood / Sandalwood / Teak in transitional patterns will give you sophisticated, cool comforts.  Lanai's tribal island indigos provide a warmth of graphic texture.  

   Were very excited about the energy of our newest additions (above).   They're currently in production for our Palm Beach Collection coming late Spring, early June.  They're Bold, Youthful & FUN, and I hope they put a smile on your face as they do for me!

   So go ahead.... Open your windows.... let the fresh air in, and we've hoped we've given you some inspiration!





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       Here we are in the middle of our winter in the Mid-Atlantic. Some of you, myself included, may be dreaming of warm sun soaked days on a beach surrounded by tropical colored waters. For me, these dreams inspired our NEW Lanai Collection.

       I first came across a modish thatched/herringbone pattern in indigo that I loved and I realized it was going to be the foundation for the entire pillow collection. I immediately began to select fabric, building a collection of what I began referring to as  "Island Indigos". Casual, yet sophisticated these tribal patterns, subtle textures in Indigo / Jute / Bone, take you to that exotic remote Island of Lanai.

       We are very excited to bring you this new look for us of close to 20 new throw/toss pillows, seven of which are Ralph Lauren patterns. His patterns capture the very essence of "Island Indigo", and as we all know - nobody does indigo quite like Ralph!

       The Lanai pillow collection is currently in production. With a photo shoot scheduled early March, we expect to launch later that month, so check back in with us either here, Facebook or Pinterest for our latest news! Maybe, just maybe, you will even get another "peek" of our Island Getaway.... Lanai!

Thanks for visiting us!



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Season's Travel

11/3/14 9:48 AM







    With fall already upon us, the mid-atlantic & north east are winding down, but the south is gearing up getting ready for "Season".  Thousands of you are flocking to warmer climates for a week, a month, or the entire season in an attempt to get away from Winter's cold!

    We have introduced New Collections for your seasonal change in a wide variety of color.  Our Monogram Collection has already launched giving you 9 options in linen with a satin stitched letter of your choice.  Their soft, subtle textures in a wide variety of colors were designed to compliment our current collections.  Pinks..Reds...Blues...they're all there as well as a solid option with no monogram for a multiple layering of pillows.

   The Cottage Shop also opened with a "simple no-fuss" pillow of modern transitional designs for todays Cottage Living.  These youthful designs have a diverse appeal with their clean lines, no cords, plush shredded polyester inserts, zipper closures and are available in 3 sizes.  24 designs in Navy, Coral, Turquoise, Sand & Aqua.

    Lastly....Dorado Beach.   Were excited to be launching a new color for us this coming January!   The Collection will be 12 designs in Driftwood / Sandalwood / Teak.   It is currently in production with a photo shoot already scheduled mid December.  Their cool weathered grays and sandy gold textures are sure to connect with the latest styles in Interior Design. 

   We hope you enjoy our new collections...with over 250 pillows to choose from, Coastal Home Pillows will continue to give you the very best in decorative throw pillows for any room, wherever you may live!

  Happy Fall & Safe Travels!

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Cottage ShopThe Cottage Shop opens next month and will carry 25 NEW and affordable decorative throw pillows designed with a "no fuss" simplicity for the more casual life style of todays Cottage Living!

We will be offering three sizes (see photo), two of which are new for us, a 14"x 20"  lumbar for those rockers on the porch, and the 18" square.  The 20" square will also be offered as the largest.  Most patterns will be available in all three sizes.  All pillows will include a Plush Shredded Polyester Insert that has an incredible softness that will conform to any position you like!   Other features that are included...knifed edge (no cording), zipper closures & pattern on both sides.

We know there are less expensive pillows out there, but here are some tips you might want to look closely at when shopping pillows.

- What is the fabric content?

- Where are the pattern cuts?

- What about the inserts?  (Inserts are just as important if not more...who wants a flat lumpy pillow in just a couple months?)

- Lastly...Where are they made?

So if you're looking for Quality Fabrics, Laid out Design Placement, Quaility Inserts & Quality Workmanship, at affordable prices and made in my very own workroom, then shop Coastal Home Pillows and I invite you to look closely!

Thanks for visiting us!!

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Monogram Collection

8/12/14 5:26 PM

 Coastal Home Pillows Monogram Collection is currently in production!  This Collection will premier late Summer and will be available in 8 colors.  Each color will cordinate with our existing 13 Collections with the intention of making your pillow selections that much easier.  The fabrics will all be 100% Linen in colors Navy, Cream, Oatmeal, Coral, Turquoise, Cornflower, Pink, & Cadet. We've also just added Lime!! So make sure to follow us here, Facebook, or Pinterest for all the latest updates! 



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Summer Sun

7/6/14 8:34 AM

  Summer is in full swing here in Rehoboth, and were thrilled for it to be upon us! 

  Our latest Boardwalk Collection designed for Karen Robertson, is in the studio for photography and will be available on line by the end of the month.

  This Indoor/Outdoor Throw PIllow Collection, including many of our original designs, is like all of our Collections, full of details.  Their cool silver grey & ivory tones have a calming neutral effect that have a great appeal, for anywhere you may live!

  Boardwalk will also be making it's debut at the Las Vegas Market begining July 27th.  Visit the Karen Robertson Showroom, Building C, Suite 496F   Please stop by if attending, where you can meet Karen and see this Collection as well as all the Collections of over 30 Top of the Line, Custom, Designs!  

Thanks for visiting us!















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Sanibel Island

5/15/14 12:47 PM


SanibelPeek      Here is a sneak peek of our Newest Collection here at Coastal Home Pillows.......  Sanibel!

      This Collection of fine Designer Fabrics from Lee Jofa, Lilly Pulitzer, Jonathan Adler, Ralph Lauren, & Thibaut is a Bright and Bold Collection of White, Azure & Cornflower.  There are over 12 Pillows, including some original designs, that are currently in production.  With a scheduled photo shoot just 2 weeks away, were very happy to be launching this Beautiful Collection in time for Summer!

       As with all of our Collections,  Our Quality Details are what matters, whether it's the simple detail of the right cord, or our invisible zippers... we continue to strive to give you the very best for your home!



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With spring upon us, everyone is excited about getting outside to prepare for the warm weather seasons ahead of us - and our indoor and outdoor pillows might be the perfect finishing touch your setting may need!

Coastal Home Pillows is happy to announce our presence this spring at High Point Market from April 5th -10th, where we will be at the Karen Robertson Showroom located at Suites at Market Square, G2044 - featuring our new Royalty Collection!

These decorative throw pillows of original designs have many unique details and shouldn't be missed!  Stop by and see Royalty in its entirety as well as 3 NEW colors of this Collection in Baltic (turquoise), Cayo (baby blue) & Dune (sandy beige).  All new colors will be available in all patterns, designs and sizes - and these are exclusive to Coastal Home Pillows!

So keep us in mind for your pillow needs, because these outdoor pillow collections may give you your finishing touch, for anywhere you may live!Boat


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With spring just a few weeks away, (just 34 days!) we are all getting excited about fresh, new beach pillow patterns!

We here at Coastal Home Pillows have decided to add new pillows to our already existing 13 Collections of Decorative Coastal and Beach Pillows. That's over 30 New Pillows to be watching for in the coming weeks!

Here is a preview of one we are calling " Malibu's Moring Glory ".  This wonderful bold print in a Pacific blue is strikingly beautiful and is sure to gain attention in your home.  

So check back with us often as spring unfolds with New Beach Pillow Arrivals and information about upcoming High Point Market!

Thanks for Visiting Us!!newmalibu

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Our NEW Royalty Collection is a truly unique collection of twelve pillows custom designed using Karen Robertson's Tesoro del Mare Fabrics. Karen has designed all of the patterns herself and each have a story. While taking long walks along many of our beaches, she has collected brackets of seaweed, shells, pieces of weathered wood, and even fish net!  These were the foundation and her inspiration to create such wonderful patterns.

These Alfresco Functional Fabrics are reverseible in most cases!  We have designed many of the throw pillows highlighting this to allow you total versatility with your pillow combinations.  Some unique features include: double contrast cording, unique pattern applications, textured overlays, and even some fun novelty shapes currently in production!  And, like all of our decorative pillows at Coastal Home Pillows, this collection has invisible zippers, premium faux down inserts, and are available in multiple sizes.

The new Royalty Collection is currently available online, but can be seen at the Las Vegas Market beginning January 26th.  Stop by The Karen Robertson's Showroom, Building C, Suite #0496F where you can see this new throw pillow collection and get your inspiration to give your setting style and comfort for anywhere you may live!
















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Coastal Home Pillows is happy to announce....

Tesoro del Mare by Karen Robertson

The premier of this Karen Robertson pillow collection, "Royalty" will be January 2014 in Las Vegas, but may be available here sooner!  This outdoor pillow collection of Al Fresco Functional Fabrics will introduce 10 new exciting patterns and will be manufactured and sold here exclusively!

Most patterns are reversible.  This wonderful feature will allow us to manufacture pillows with there fronts and backs reversed.  This versatility will allow you many options for your decor setting and with over 10 colorways, were sure to have yours!

So whether you're by the pool, on your bed or couch, outdoor dining, or out on the water, this decorative throw collection is sure to give your setting style and comfort, for anywhere you may live!


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We are very happy to post that our new Palm Beach Collection has finally been produced and photographed!  This collection for us has been very exciting as it evolved into what it has become.  We originally planned for a "citus blend" of Tangerine, Lemon & Lime in so much that the fabrics had all been selected and purchased. Shortly after we discovered a new line of fabrics being introduced and decided to relocate that collection to Naples Beach Pillow Collection. Our new Palm Beach Collection is inspired by South Sea's Chinoiserie... invigorating patterns in turquoise, pink & green. This collection of 16 pillows will be launched next month and is sure to energize you!

Thanks again for visiting us!!palmbeach

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 naplesHello Fall!

Here is a peek of our new Naples Decorative Pillow Collection launching next month.  The Collection consists of 17 pieces of Mango, Papaya & Avocado.  It was originally intended for our Palm Beach Collection, but was reconsidered and tweeked to be moved to the white sandy beaches of Naples, Florida. These fruity blends we hope will bring a little of that tropical paradise to your home!


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palm beach fabrics

It has been a beautiful summer here at the shore and we have been very busy due to the great response of our collections of new throw pillows. We are also very pleased having our Coastal Home Pillows featured in the Rehoboth Beach Cottage Tour!

We are currently finalizing our newest Palm Beach pillow collection, featuring a menage of citrus blends that best represent the sunshine state.

We are also excited to be adding new fabric lines such as JAB, Jane Shelton and Jonathan Adler to our list of fine designer fabrics.  Here are just a few of the selections currently in production.  With a photo shoot next on our agenda, our new Palm Beach Coastal Pillows will be ready to launch next month!

There is an incredible amount of design work involved with putting together a collection of decorative throw pillows, such as selecting patterns, textures and color...placement for the cuts, what color cords, etc.  I must give many thanks to my team as they bear with me during this creative process.  So thanks go out to Jake, Kathleen, Holly and Natasa for your work, love and support!!

Thank you for visiting us!







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7/8/13 6:59 PM

 Happy 4th everybody!

It was a week of sun, fun and inspiration here with all of the people and warm weather.  Firework displays could be seen in four different locations along Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey shores. With so many boats in the water having their own private show, I can only imagine how beautiful it was!

Here is a home in Rehoboth, DE, like many sharing there spirit of the 4th with these festive banners.  We could not help but think of our decorative nautical pillows from our Annapolis Collection, featuring Stars N Stripes, Americana, and Boathouse Pillows. Go ahead and take a peek!

Happy Birthday America!!






















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Welcome Summer!!

6/27/13 11:56 AM


outdoor pillows

Summertime fun is just beginning for us, and we have several outdoor decorative throw pillows to choose from.  Whether your poolside, porch dining, or out on the water, our pillows can add just the right amount of style and splash of color for your setting. We hope you enjoy!!

Happy Summer from all of us at CHP!
















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Hello everyone!

This past weekend we had our kick-off for our beach season here in the mid-Atlantic!  Although it wasn't the warmest weather, it was a great turnout and busy with activity.  Here is a picture of our Dolles in Rehoboth Beach, DE located right on our boardwalk!  With summer upon us, we're thinking of sun-kist oranges and turquoises for inspiration for our next collections of decorative throw pillows

Thanks for visiting us!


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5/15/13 12:28 AM

Randy and his mom!Welcome to the new online home of Coastal Home Pillows! 

This is a labor of love that has been in the works for some time, and we are just delighted to have it up and running.  Creating all of the pillows, including selecting the very best inserts and fabrics, has been an amazing road.  

After we perfected our pillow collections, we embarked on a completely different design road- photography and web design.  The photo here is of my mom and me at the photography shoot!

If it's something you've never done, it's exciting and exhausting, and really fun to finally see everything you've been planning come to life.

We hope you love everything as much as we do, and enjoy browsing our throw pillow collections!


Randy and the Coastal Home Pillows team


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